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5 Step Festive Season Survival Guide – Step Three (Food)

Ahhhh yess food!

One of my favourite topics.

During this holiday period I want you to make the effort to not jump aboard the seafood diet —as in you see food & eat it!

You don’t want to break your healthy eating habits by filling your gullet at every opportunity you can.

This brings me to step three:


No matter where you are or what time of the year it is…

You will always have choices!

Sometimes you can choose between average and worst.

Other times, you can choose between good & better.

My point is you can always make the best choice possible with your options.

Let’s imagine it’s Christmas Day

Now I am sure there will always be healthier options available.

Try looking past the table full of salty snacks, salami, pretzels, pavlova, lollies, & seemingly endless assortment of other goodies.

You will often find a range of lean meats, seafood, salads & fresh fruit

Now all you need to do is exercise a little portion control & you are set for a little Healthy Xmas Feast!

Start by filling your plate with protein & fibrous veggies as it increase your satiety.

Chew your food slowly to assist digestion.

Allow your food to settle before going for seconds.

Go easy on the desserts and take time to enjoy the company & conversations.

Just make sure you don’t overindulge.

Enjoy your favourite foods in moderation.

No need to force down that extra dessert or handful of potato chips.

Stuffing your face will only leave you feeling lethargic & low on motivation.

No need to have the feeling that your belly is going to burst like a grisly scene from the movie ‘Alien’.

Apply a little control.

Remember the food will always be there! Doesn’t all have to be eaten that day.

A little tip when it comes to leftovers is freeze them,  especially food items such as lasagnes & puddings.

Leaving these food in the fridge can be very tempting to snack on the proceeding days.

With all the abundance of food & parties to come, always remember you have control on what & how much you eat.

Be mindful that you don’t have to merrily indulge in a month long festive feasting.

You may be thrown off your routine just a little bit.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot take back control!


Signing off


Dave ‘Food in check’ Buck