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5 Step Festive Season Survival Guide – Step Four (Alcohol)

As you may be aware, Alcohol A.K.A booze, piss, cold one, brew, grog seems to be the lubrication of almost every event.


There are a lot of events happening at this time of the year, especially in Australia where end of year celebrations take centre platform.


Sun, surf, sand, slapping Banana Boat on, seatbelt burns, drinks & good times!



If you enjoy having a few drinks then go ahead & have a drink or two!


If you are serious about keeping a healthy lifestyle set your limits.
Just don’t  end up like a semi sedated water buffalo swaying drunkenly in the summer breeze not knowing what day it is!


Having a few drinks here & there shouldn’t do any harm or reverse all your hard work.


But when you do not set limits or do not invest in some alcohol smart strategies, you may be setting yourself up for the downsides of alcohol .


Combine that with excess food & you have a recipe for an increased waistline.

Remember alcohol provides empty calories & puts fat oxidation on hold — meaning you are not in fat burning mode & more so likely to gain fat if not careful.


If you do choose to drink, here are a few key pointers to minimise the damage


  • Choose drinks mixed with mineral/soda water, lime, lemon, cucumber, mint over fruit juices & sugary sodas
  • Stick with spirits such as vodka or gin over liqueurs, beers, pre mixed drinks & cocktails
  • Ensure plenty of water between drinks to ensure you stay hydrated
  • Fill your glass with plenty of ice so there’s less room for other liquids

Signing off,


Dave ‘Smart Drinker’ Buck