5 Seriously Simple Fat Loss Tips.

Most, if not all people, want to lose a little weight.

If you don’t fall into this category, congratulations, however, you would surely know at least one person that does, so keep reading and share the love.

These 5 tips are super easy to implement, the kind of stuff that you can start doing right away.

Let’s get to em, ey.

1: Chew your food

Chewing your food properly does two things.

Firstly, it slows down the rate that you eat, meaning that the brain and stomach can communicate so you don’t over eat.

Secondly, it makes your food easier to digest. As you could imagine the smaller the particles the easier your body can digest the food, and seeing as a lot of people have digestion issues it is wise to chew your food properly.

2: Use small plates

Believe it or not our brains are pretty complex. It subliminally sends all kinds of messages about food throughout the day.

When it comes to plate size the brain associates a finished plate with the end of a meal.

So, if you eat of a massive plate, and stack it to the brim then your brain will want to continue until it’s finished, not until you’re full.

This is easily solved; use a smaller plate to eat off when you have dinner tonight.

3: Don’t watch T.V with meals.

Again, this is to do with brain association. Your brain associates the end of the show or movie with the end of the meal, so if you sit down and watch a lord of the rings movie, chances are you would have over eaten in the middle of some sort of epic battle.

Alternatively, if you’re like me, you would have fallen asleep during the movie cause it’s boring.

Again, to solve this eat with a friend or family member, at a table, and maybe, just maybe have a conversation that doesn’t involve Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat yo.

4: Have a big glass of water before every meal.

Some people mistake hunger with dehydration.

To test whether you’re hungry or dehydrated do the following:

When you’re hungry go have a big glass of water, wait 10 minutes, then reassess.

Chances are your so called hunger would have vanished, and you were just more dehydrated then a fresh juvie after a big night at Ave.

5: Include green vegetables at every meal

Most people don’t eat enough veggies, period.

I could go into all the benefits of these bad boys, but ill save that for another post.

The beauty about our green friends is that they are really good at satiating hunger, and keeping you satisfied.

The best thing is that they don’t contain a heap of calories, so you literally can eat as much as you would like of them.

These 5 fat loss tips are ones that you can put into action right away, like, right now.


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