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3 Simple Tactics To Fight Stress

Most people I talk to seem to be stressed in some way shape or form.

And that’s no surprise…

The world we live in is quite conducive to stress.

Here’s a fact bomb for you.

Research showed that 73% of Australians feel the implications of some form of stress. [1]

The main causes of this stress are financial, family and health concerns. [1]

Can you relate to any of these?

If so, keep reading cause I’m going to share with you how to improve it.

First of all a story.

I want to wind you back to July last year.

I was sitting at my desk in the gym and the post man showed up.

He delivered a letter.

Usually, I get excited from letters.

However, not this time.

This one piece of paper literally turned my whole life upside down.

What it had on it was the fact that our building had been sold to a property developer.

And what this meant is that it  was getting knocked down and we had 60 days before the bulldozers were coming in to demolish the gym to make way for some new apartments.

As you could imagine I was stressed.

I could use a whole bunch of swear words here but I’ll refrain.

Anyways, this affected literally all aspects of my life.

I was stressed, scared, anxious, couldn’t eat properly, couldn’t sleep properly and just generally feeling like shit.

Being single there wasn’t an immediate relationship stress but I dare say my relationship with my friends and families worsened because of it.

And the financial implications, they were definitely there.

So I had a stressful event happen, and because of this I got more stressed that impacted other areas of my life which in turn made me more stressed.

How fucking good.

Long story short, after a few months, thousands of dollars in fee’s and multiple trips to the council, we opened a new gym 3 days before our old one was getting knocked down.

So my friend, I know first hand what it feels like to feel stressed.

Stress has massive effects on us.

Here’s a quick recap on what stress can do because I know you’re engulfed with my story

  • Emotionally: super moody, super tired, energy all over the place and generally not yourself.
  • Mentally: anxious, nervous, depressed and huge feelings of fear.
  • Physically: weak in the gym and pale skin.
  • Fatloss: when cortisol is elevated for extended periods of time it is not a good environment for fatloss and can cause weight gain – so yes stress can make you fat.

As you can see, it can fuck a fair few things up and make it really hard to live a normal life.

Right now if you’re feeling stressed you have got the choice.

You can stop reading here and continue what you’re doing, feel all of the above and pray that somehow a magical fairy comes and waves their wand and everything miraculously gets better 


You can keep reading as I share with you a few of my secrets that I personally use to combat stress.




Oh good, you kept reading.

Here’s the top 3 things that help to simplify stress in no particular order.

  1. Say to yourself ‘Shit could be worse’

As simple as this is I’ve found it to be one of the most effective ways to manage stress. Even in those dark hours surrounding the gym it could have been way worse.

We could have 30 days notice, we could have had 7 days notice, all our members could have left and said we’re not moving, the team could have quit..

The list goes on and on.

Try that next time you’re in a shitty situation – I guarantee it will help.

2. Exercise regularly

By training you’re going to release a big bunch of endorphins.

This will help with your hormonal balance and make you feel better.

What you do is not as important.

I would pick weight training or a slow and steady walk.

I touch briefly on this in my ‘Truth About Cardio’ Article that you can read here

—> https://www.thebodyconsultants.com/the-truth-about-cardio/

The thing I wouldn’t do is long distance steady state cardio.

Over the longer term that has shown to be quite stressful on the body so may intact do more harm than good.

However, experiment on yourself but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

And just remember..

Even if you don’t feel like working out.

How many times have you said

‘I really regret that workout’

Never. Ever.

So get training.

Doesn’t have to be much 2-4x per week is all you really need to do.

3. Make Better Food Choices.

When people get stressed I always aim for them to eat nutritionally dense whole foods.

The reason for this is that if you reach for the Tim Tams or the ice-cream the chances of overeating are much higher than that compared to eating a nice cut of steak and vegetables.

And when we over eat constantly this is when we start to put on fat.

Which, I’m going to take a quick guess is not going to make you feel any better..


If food didn’t cause the problem, eating isn’t going to make it any better.


^ short term MAYBE, but in the long term, no chance, no chance at all.

With our whole foods you’re trying to get a whole range of vitamins and nutrient.

Vitamin B, and B5 in particular is one that is commonly known that improves stress markers in the body.

Chicken, Avocado, Mushrooms and Green Vegetables are all excellent sources of vitamin B5 so try to get those into your diet daily, and even more frequently in times of high stress.

By doing these 3 things you’re going to be able to help fight stress and be on your way to feeling better.

If you want help with your health and fitness goals click the link below and have a look at our Transformation Academy.

It’s designed to give you all the tools you need to completely transform your life.

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I hope this blog helps you deal with stress more effectively so that you can get on with the finer things in life.

If you know of any friend that could benefit from reading this please don’t forget to share it with them

Jack ‘The Stress Saviour’ Zuvelek

P.S going to be blogging a little more regularly now.

If you want me to cover anything then shoot me an email – jack@thebodyconsultants.com

And I’ll write a piece just for you.

Cause I’m a nice guy like that 😉

[1] https://www.psychology.org.au/Assets/Files/Stress%20and%20Wellbeing%20Survey%20Summary%202013%20WEB.pdf