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March 2021

FF Elevated Split Squats Achieve your best shape possible and keep on form with elevated split squats: First things first, you need a step or thick weight plate to achieve elevation for your squat Then, place your front foot on the step and your back foot behind you, with the heel up Now, push your front knee forward over your toe, hamstring to calf Your back knee bends down towards the ground, keeping your chest up high Push back up again, you’ve completed one repetition. Job done, it’s that simple.     Rear Foot

How To Improve Your Leg Press  A lot of people complain of lower back pain when it comes to the leg press. Avoid straining yourself by learning from The Body Consultants the correct technique to prevent injury. By allowing the weight to drop too far towards you, your hips will twist upwards off the seat. All of the weight will get distributed and compressed upon your lower back - that’s a surefire way to get hurt! Keep your backside firmly planted on that seat, pull yourself in tight and bring the