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February 2017

When I mention training abs, what comes to mind? Like majority of people, you are probably thinking  'Crunches' & 'Sit-ups' because these are best exercises for a tight mid-section right? Wrong! These are probably the least effective abdominal exercises. Why is that so? Well for a start, they barely touch the surface of your abdominals. Secondly, they neglect the deeper muscles -- the ones responsible for helping you obtain a flat, self supporting mid section. Plus, doing endless crunches makes you look like,  well

Let’s face it:   During your journey on the quest for a stronger, fitter & healthier body, sooner or later…..   You are going to eventually hit a sticking point.   This feared phenomenon is known as a PLATEAU.   It happens when your progress declines or stagnates, such as you going from losing weight consistently to being stuck at certain number.   Or you go from adding weight to the bar every week & getting stronger, to a point that you no longer add anymore weight and get stuck which sucks, because turning into a ball of a fury