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December 2016

What is your food really made up of, and what simple choices are there to have when you're looking to get in your protein fats or carbs for the day? Listed below is a simple downloadable pdf file you can use to determine the make up of your food, and where it fits in your day . Click Here To Download The Simplified Food Choices. Using the above form makes it super simple to keep a track of what you are eating, and what most of your foods are made up of. Print it out

Kick some goals this summer!   Not just down on the beach playing soccer, but also continuing on with your health, fitness & wellness goals.   Presenting the fifth and final step: That's right, set some goals!   It should not be a once a year affair; It should be a continuous process.   The difference between achieving success or not can simply come down to goals.   If you don't have any goals to keep you accountable, then you will have a tough time staying consistent & getting results. You should already have some goals.   Now it's time time update them & even change

As you may be aware, Alcohol A.K.A booze, piss, cold one, brew, grog seems to be the lubrication of almost every event.   There are a lot of events happening at this time of the year, especially in Australia where end of year celebrations take centre platform.   Sun, surf, sand, slapping Banana Boat on, seatbelt burns, drinks & good times!   If you enjoy having a few drinks then go ahead & have a drink or two!   If you are serious about keeping a healthy lifestyle set your limits. Just don't  end up like a semi sedated water

Image care of freepik.com Welcome back to your next installment of the Five Step Festive Season Survival Guide! In our first segment you learnt the importance of Mastering your calendar. (If you haven't read it yet I recommend you do first here.) By now you should have a clear idea of future events coming up. Now I want to you get a clear idea of how you are going to approach the next couple of months. Step two awaits you….. So I wanted you to schedule your workouts & meal times in your calendar. If you have you

Image care of Freepik.com Silly Season is amongst us!   Almost in full swing & set to go into high gear within the coming weeks.   The two questions I invite you to ask yourself is:   Are you prepared to keep up your healthy & active lifestyle?   And more importantly how do you plan on keeping it up?   If you answered ‘Yes’ & have it mapped out like Santa has before Christmas Eve, then kudos to you my friend, keep on kicking ass!   If you answered ‘No’ & have no idea on how to handle this festive period while

One of the biggest issues is people find traditional dieting food bland and boring. And these people come to me hoping that they can get some #flavourinspo or something along the lines. I find it very difficult to do because I'm such a simpleton when it comes to food. This is partially due to the sheer volume of food I eat. When you're eating meat and some sort of carbs 4-6 times per day making it fancy becomes very low on the priority list. And even though I practice a flexible dieting approach I