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November 2016

At The Body Consultants we generally look at people like this when they drop the C bomb Before you get your linguistic knickers in a knot I'm referring to cardio. Apparently it’s a necessity if you want to lose body fat. Just read any magazines or website and this will be a common trend Today I’m here to tell you whether YOU need cardio or not. Chances are you don’t We generally don’t use it in our gym for the following reasons It’s not efficient It’s boring as hell There is better things you could

I planned on procrastinating today………. But……. I never got around to doing it Did you see the irony there? I'm sure you did If not carefully read again Now let's explore the very nature of Procrastination & how I can help you manage it Pay particular attention.. Because this is a crucial area you want to manage well to succeed in making a body transformation You see when you put off a task today for later on (lets say eating better tomorrow when you feel like it) You are basically setting the intention based on the idea that

Naps are great. Period. I love to nap. There’s nothing better than a 20 minute power nap to get you going again. This little piece is going to empower you on how to nap properly, because, when done right, are absolute game changers. What is a nap? A nap has a broad definition, but according to google to nap is to ‘sleep lightly or briefly, especially during the day.’ So, we’re going to use this definition for today's discussion. There are 4 different durations of naps that one can take. The first is what I like to

  CONSISTENCY IS KING You’ve heard this one before? Maybe it was even me who told you? Well I’m here to say it again, except this time elaborate on it more & then reveal to you FIVE WAYS on how to be consistent ALL THE TIME! Because without consistency you will not be fully equipped to walk down the path of Body Transformation Success! It is the most powerful tool you can use & pretty trumps over everything when it comes to getting RESULTS If you want to make progress & improve your fitness & health you