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September 2016

When it comes to dieting you need to understand that not any food is good or bad with the exception of trans fats. These are foods like: Anything fried Biscuits Cakes Party pies and pastries. They have been proven when eaten in EXCESS to clog your arteries and make you feel average. So, the take home point from that is that once in a blue moon they are okay, but don’t make them a part of your every day diet. Alright, now onto 3 what I call super diet foods. NOTE: When I

Sleep your way to the top! The top of a Successful Body Transformation! (Please, what did you think I meant?) Dirty thoughts aside…. Let's focus on the topic of SLEEP A POWERFUL tool in your body transformation arsenal By getting QUALITY sleep (7 - 9hrs straight on a consistent basis) your body can take full advantage of vital rejuvenation processes   Giving your body the chance to REPAIR, RECHARGE, REPLENISH & RESTORE   Ultimately resulting in benefits such as:   Feeling better Looking better Better workouts & enhanced recovery More Muscle / Less Fat! Strong immune system to keep

Chin ups are awesome. People that say otherwise probably can't do them. The reason that I love them for everybody is for two reasons. 1. They use a heap of different muscles.  What we know about this is that the more muscles we use the more energy we expend, and if our nutrition is on point the more fat we will burn! 2. They decompress the spine.  So when you hang with your feet in the air old mate gravity is acting upon you with all its might. This decompresses the spine. This is beneficial for anyone who does

Planning on dining out tonight? If your answer is ‘Yes’, brilliant! Why you may ask? Because today I want to share with you Healthy ‘Dining out’ tips That you can start using immediately AND…. Will help keep you on your quest to ‘LOOKING GOOD NAKED’ Great!   Do I have your attention?   I know you want to hear more But first…. In order for you to successfully use these tips in a more mindful manner We need to raise your ‘AWARENESS’ of what happens when you ‘Dine out’ Especially when surrounded by friends AWARENESS  is the ‘First step to creating

Meal prep, for some people it’s the bane of their existence. And in my Body Consulting Experience, it is one of the main factors between failure with a transformation attempt and being able to have sex with the lights on. If you get this wrong you’re: Going to be stressed AF when it comes to your food Fall back into bad habits and make poor food choices Feel like you’re stuck in rut when it comes to transforming your body But.. If you get this right you’re: Going to be at