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August 2016

Feel like there's never enough time in the morning? Not a ‘Morning Person’? We all know that feeling. Well, I used to….but then I quit the belief that I was not a ‘Morning Person’ and started developing a productive morning routine. Since then I’ve discovered that establishing a daily morning routine is something a lot of people want, yet few actually do. Especially when it comes to setting themselves up to have the body they truly want By having a routine you will develop a habit of CONSISTENCY And

It's 3pm and you’re at your desk buried in paperwork questioning whether or not you will make it to gym class at 5.30pm It's been a long day and you are feeling exhausted Your start thinking of all the things you need to do and come up with excuses to skip class Stop! Don't abandon hope just yet! The trick is to knowing how to counter the excuses that keep you from working out This will not only help you get to that class & get closer to that dream body of yours But will make

There is no denying that both boys and girls appreciate a good bum Like, when was the last time someone wrote a song about a small one? From a guys perspective, there is nothing more disappointing than glancing at a rear view that resembles a pancake. And for all the ladies that disagree, there has been countless times where female clients of various ages have told me “James, guys have to have a butt, they just have to” For all of you in the quest of growing a head turning booty, I can happily

  It's Monday morning The start of the new you.. Or so you think. You know, the reboot (I will get to that in a moment) You spring out of bed Slip on your fresh new kicks and eagerly dress in your latest activewear With Activewear on point and on a Shoooooe-gar high **pun intended You race to the kitchen and make your Super Green Smoothie inspired by Instagram Now you are ready to rock and roll! Next stop the gym! Time to burn off the weekend ‘Junk-a-thon’ and start again to get the dream body you always wanted! It all

What's up guys it's Dave here from the body consultants and today I want to teach you the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset. This is really important because if you get this wrong Lifting weights will seem impossible on most days You will treat meal prep like a chore Everybody around you will appear to be doing better with their training Which ultimately means that you will go to the gym but never GET RESULTS and when push comes to shove, you’ll give up.. But… If you get this

Ah yes. The old 1 & ½’s. If you’ve ever trained with me you will know that I throw these in at the worst of times, just when you’ve had enough. I do it with you in mind, I promise. These are a tool that can be used to increase the time under tension for a given exercise. They can be used strategically to overload certain points on the strength curve to provide increased metabolic stress, with very minimal risk. This makes them a great tool for when both fat loss and muscle gain is the

We can start. But….. All I ask is that you HIIT me baby one more time. Just like Brittany. Now, I guess I've confused you to what exactly HIIT is. But if you read on I can tell you how it can make you burn more fat, in less time, and ultimately make you look good naked.   HIIT is currently one of the fitness industries ‘buzz words’ along with detox, raw, natural and cleanse. ^^ don’t get me started on the above as they’re a big waste of time, energy and money. But that’s a topic for another