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September 2014

THE POWER OF INSULIN Do you constantly feel tired right after eating? Always having energy crashes during the day? Want to learn how to fix it? Watch the video below to find exactly what’s causing it and how to fix it. As I discussed in the video, our typical breakfast is super high in carbs and will usually cause a massive energy dump that leaves you reaching for your coffee pick me up. The better alternative for this to have a high protein and fat breakfast. It’s not going to leave you with the energy lows, instead

If you’ve spent any time in a commercial gym you would have seen some pretty horrific stuff. Back in my com gym days it was funky exercises on bosu balls and turning the cardio equipment into full body stations. However, in the aim of making you a better gym goer we’ve put together three standard exercises that we see getting butchered pretty regularly. To learn what they are, and more importantly, how to fix them then watch the video below. So as you learned from the video the three exercises are – Seated row – Shoulder

Simple is always best. Want a simple workout that get’s you maximum results? Watch the video below to see it in action. Out of any muscle group, for most, legs are most important. When trained PROPERLY they yield a heap of benefits. Benefits such as: – Increased metabolism. – Increased lean muscle mass. – Increased hormone response. We love training legs at The Body Consultants and want YOU to come join in on the fun. Put your details in the box below for your free 14 day pass. - See more at: https://www.thebodyconsultants.com/workout-wednesdays-loading-the-legs/#sthash.6IIkH2ne.dpuf

Last week on Master Chef Monday we got spicy. This week, we're going to go with the upcoming season and a little summer salad to the mix. It's super simple and better still, super tasty. Watch the video below to see what chu need to do. http://youtu.be/h-sSRHK_Joc So, you need Bag of spinach. 1/4 pumpkin 1/2 cup of cottage cheese 50g of walnuts. Olive Oil Super simple really. Next week, we're going back to breakfast basics and putting together a special treat. See you then my fellow kitchen warriors. Jack 'summertime saladness' Zuvelek (I hope you see what i did there)

Every since we were young we were always told to eat our greens. I remember my mum telling me that they're super important. As a young boy I didn't believe her, and, in actual fact used to detest them. Until.. I educated myself on all of their benefits. I want to share these benefits with you in the video Click the video below and have a watch. http://youtu.be/Lsy11Ty-XK0 So from the video you now know that greens are super important for both fatloss and overall health. They've got a high fibre content which is going to help keep you

Form is an interesting thing One side of the spectrum you've got the the form natzi's that say form is the most important of all. On the contrary you've got the cross fitters with the GET IT DONE approach. I sit somewhere in the middle http://youtu.be/J-LWNySnZm0   So, as I said in the video, form is important, and you want to make sure that you're feeling the right muscles through a movement, such as the squat. However, when you go heavy for a PB for example you might find that your knees cave in and that means

Chest day. Everyone loves chest day. With summer approaching us faster then ever, it's time to start getting those beach muscles poppin' Watch the video below for a high volume chest workout to get the pecs poppin' http://youtu.be/yUZB6IhgUnw The workout in it's self is really simple. We want to stretch and activate the pecs Get into some heavy pressing to hit the chest hard Then back off into some high blood flow movements Tri sets work really well here. No matter what kind of training you are doing you have to make sure that it is always keeping you entertained

I believe I can fly. Well not really. Only sometimes. But that's not the point of the post. Today I want to show you a variation of our traditional db fly. You know the one that you see guys smashing out after there heavy sets of bench. It's called an unrolling db fly. Learnt this from the old dog, Charles Poliquin (Bit of a guru of sorts) Watch the video below to see what I mean. http://youtu.be/R9CXeRQpC9s?list=UUQW68scnfdjjAg-FOVBg_uQ As you can see from the video they are to be done very light I'm talking with db's no heavier than 5kgs Unless you're ronnie

Howdy, Jack Here. Last week I promised you a spicy Master Chef Monday, and, when I promise something, I'll always deliver. So today, is a spicy version of MCM. What we've got is Curried Pork and Cabbage. I urge you to watch the video. Warning: you will experience my below average dance moves. http://youtu.be/-Rt1a3XJuRI More importantly then the food, how were moves? (the key to life is to not take your self to seriously) As you can see from the video it's a super easy way to get some boring old cabbage in your daily meal plan. You could use