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August 2014

The Great Debate. Weight Training V Cardio Watch the video below to find out the winner http://youtu.be/8ybdlsMfSlk From the video you now know the clear winner. Weight training triumps cardio every day of  the week. With a solid weight training program you're able to ensure continual progression and therefore continual results. But now the problem is what not to do but how to start? And I'm guessing your gym is full of meat head guys that make doing weight training intimidating. We understand this, and we want to show you what it's like to train in a friendly environment. Getting

WHY YO - YO DIETING HAPPENS http://youtu.be/WNIpno8fBLI Like I said in the video, yo-yo dieting happens because of restrictions, you know the one's you've been putting on yourself for so long. You need to plan your nutrition with a flexible approach, not some restricted nightmare. There's only so many times you can try fad diets, experience a yo-yo and put all of the weight back on. If you're sick and tired of the violent yo yo swing with your weight fluctuating more than 5kg's then put your details in the box below and i'll give

Howdy, Jack here. Yesterday you saw Jimmy do a little number for the arms. If you didn’t, you missed a Beautiful, beautiful site So today, following on, we’re going to deliver you a high volume arm routine. Watch the video below to see me in action. http://youtu.be/iFmqqJl989E   So from the video you can see the sheer volume that I did. It totaled to be 36 god damn sets. And, I can assure you, The. Pump. Was. Real. You want to use these kinds of workouts when you're doing some arm specialization in your training, use them for about 4-6 weeks

Curls for the girls right. Nice arms are like abs. Everyone wants them You would be lying if you didn't. Taking something simple like an arm, and making it into a beautiful work of art. This is what this post is about. We've got our regular db curl, but we're going to glorify it and make it into something more. Watch the video below to see what I mean. http://youtu.be/v93m_F602yk What did ya think? As you can see that really smashes you. It takes a weight that you can normally do for 10 reps and allows you to do 20 reps,

To take the painstaking liberty out of Monday's we decided to do something fun. Something that may even inspire you to try your culinary skills out. What we're going to do from every Monday here on in is Master Chef Monday's This is where we will put together a quick easy meal that even someone with the culinary skills like myself can put together. Today's little number is a simple chia seed pudding   http://youtu.be/uIRgHn1S6pk if you've tried it, what did you think? did you like it? comment in the box below and let me know. see you next Monday