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August 2014

  Water is one of the most important aspects of  any healthy lifestyle Just a quick video on the benefits of water and how much you should be drinking Watch the video below to find out http://youtu.be/SKaBjA_GUig As I explained water is super important. You're going to improve appetite control Increase energy and strength levels Help with the detoxification process of the liver. Get yourself a 1l glass bottle and have it 3-4 times per day. You will look and feel a lot better for it. Happy drinking ;) James

THE BEST WAY TO SET GOALS How many times have you set goals? It could have been job, health or wealth related. Let's take your fitness goals You wanted to drop 5kgs Maybe you got 2kgs down, then something happened. You didn't stick to your plan and physicked yourself out. Before you knew it, that goal was put back into the closet for when the time is right. Watch the video below to find out how to set your goals. http://youtu.be/Ba_zdejNaZs Like I said in the video, setting goals requires you to break your big goal down into little chunks

Been trying real hard to shape your shoulders? Got nothing but sore joints from your efforts? Watch the video below for a super simple shoulder workout.   http://youtu.be/iIyPfIM5dIs As you can see from the video it's super simple You just need a set of dumbells, Start at your 8 rep max and work your way down in sets of 8. The weights you use aren't anywhere important as the mind muscle connection And yes, that was me failing on 2kg dumbells Like. A. Boss. Jack 'all the raises' Zuvelek If you're tired of your boring old workouts, and what to learn the

Side raises are one of my favorites. They’re great for two reasons. The first is that, when done correctly, you can really hit the delts and put them under a lot of tension. Secondly, they don’t put much pressure on the shoulder joint when done correctly. This means you can do them up to 3 times a week with minimal risk of injury. Watch the video below to see how to do them properly. http://youtu.be/zknF8tiHHtQ As you saw in the video you want to bring your elbows up to shoulder level. Really focus on the squeeze at

BOOM. Week 3 of Masterchef Monday Today is one that will simply blow you away. And, it's a very easy, and don't forget tasty way to get some broccoli into your meal plan. Behold, my Broccoli Salad. Watch the video below to see this master piece come to life. http://youtu.be/5wvLxhRKBxw As you saw from the video it's super simple. Cut up your bacon and put it in the pan with a bit of coconut oil. Start cutting up your broccoli into super small pieces. Put that into the bowl. Add walnuts and mayo to taste. Add your bacon on top. Stir. Wollllllllah, you're done. This

Watch the video below to learn how fish oil helps female fat loss. http://youtu.be/p29p7e-84gc For any fatloss plan fish oil is great. Fish oil provides essential fats as it is made up of omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fats are something the body can’t produce on its own, which means they must be eaten and to ensure optimal function When you consume Fish oil your body wont store it as fat instead it will use it to put the fatty layer to protect your cells. In terms on fat burning, Fish oils turn on the

Thoughts On Isagenix, Herbalife and Juiceplus. http://youtu.be/idhm-_xTxHA Chances are someone you know, or even a complete stranger has tried to sell you one of these products. They will approach you in different ways, some will go the facebook chat route, while others will bring it up in a dinner party or the likes. These products have made some people millions but for the majority, put them in a worst position to when they started with both their health and their finances. If you've just come off something like this and your weight is spiraling out

This week on workout Wednesday we have building a better back. Back training doesn't have to be complicated. To see this weeks workout in action watch the video below. http://youtu.be/kAyya-dHCPY As you saw from the video the movements were simple. Start with something that is going to get blood flow and contraction. Move to a heavy movement with high intensity. Add some accessory work to really get the muscle smoked. Pump out some high blood flow work to finish. Pretty simple formula, and best of all, it works. IF you would like to have your very own back workout constructed

There are many different chin up variations you can chose from. At The Body Consultants our top four are 1. Wide grip pronated 2. Medium grip supinated 3. Wide grip neutral 4. Narrow grip neutral Watch the video to see all four in action   http://youtu.be/8Xhu416QTdk The reason we change the grips is that they stimulate the muscles of the back a little differently with each of the movement patterns. The wide grip pronated are going to be the hardest, not for the light at heart. They are going to require the most lat activation and are pretty tough. These are good

Jack here. Welcome to episode two of Master Chef Monday. If you missed episode one you can watch it here: https://www.thebodyconsultants.com/master-chef-monday-chia-seed-pudding/ However, today is a simple three ingredient breakfast. All you need is 12 eggs, 12 pieces of bacon, and some cheese if you chose. Pop it in the oven for about 15 minutes and you're done. Watch the video below to see how they turn out. http://youtu.be/QLKIKkC6kW4 What did you think? I've got them for breakfast every day this week. Those 4:30 wakes ups won't be so bad after all. Jack 'eggz fo dayz' Zuvelek