20 Brutal Reps

People often ask me ‘Jack, what is the best way to get big and lose fat, you know get that ripped look’

Sadly, I respond with the truth.

The truth being that there is no one single magical way to get ripped.

If there was the whole world would know about it, and we would not be facing a global obesity epidemic.

When it comes to training there is a variety of proven ways to add that little bit extra to your workout.

I’d like to share with you one of my favorites.

It’s really simple, and best of all it doesn’t require a spotter or any fancy equipment.

You just need an exercise, a relatively heavy weight and a bit of heart.

The video below shows you exactly what I mean


This little number is 20 reps at 220kgs.

Nothing crazy with the form, just make sure you have full control of the movement and don’t lock your knees out at the top.

I’ll tell you one thing

It sucked, badly.

So next time the dreaded leg day rolls around jump on the leg press and bust out a set of 20 with the heaviest weight you can control.

Let me know how you go, only if you’re game enough to try it.


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