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Online Coaching


Online coaching is the best of both worlds for our members that can't make it into our facilities to work with us face to face. It is the combination of our Hybrid performance methods of training and accountability and the convenience of training from anywhere in the world. Our coaches utilise the best technology we have access to deliver tailored programs to your goals using True Coach training software and TBC Connect for accountability and education.


Health Consultation

The Body Consultants has an onboarding process like no other. We firstly provide you with a one on one personalised consultation to find out about your current fitness capabilities, lifestyle, and any habits. We understand that to achieve your goals, we need to know where to initially begin, this allows us to personalize a plan based on your personal strengths. At The Body Consultants, we're different. We treat our clients like people, not just numbers in a database.


Six Week Transformation

Our world-famous six-week challenge is your opportunity to tone up, gain strength and change your life. We guarantee results with our easy to follow fitness and health systems. You will have one coach throughout your program who will keep you on track. Included are up to 30 PT sessions with Perth's top coaches, plus an easy to follow, personalized nutrition plan, and you will become part of The Body Consultants supportive community.


7 Day Trial

Our 7 Day Trial is a great way to get a taste of working with us here at The Body Consultants. We start the process with a 45 min consultation with one of our expert coaches, going over your current health and fitness goals followed by a movement screen so our coaches can spend some 1:1 time with you to assist with any technical issues before you get 7 days of unlimited access to our Group training classes designed to help you build muscle and strip away fat.

Strength Training Gyms Near Perth

The Body Consultants take a holistic view towards health and fitness, and a personalised approach to your strength training journey. We’re a gym that takes the time to get to know you as an individual in your own body with your own needs. Progress for us is measured by your individual performance improvement over time, with sustainable outcomes that keep you healthy and free from injury for the long term. Increase resistance through strength training at our gyms near Perth and take full advantage of all that your body is truly capable of.

Our Gyms and Fitness Centres

Learn how your body moves and fuels itself while growing muscle mass with strength training. Our hybrid performance training model will help you maximise your health in all areas. Improve your fitness now and invest in your health for the future, we’re sure that you won’t regret it. The Body Consultants welcome you on your fitness journey with open arms at any of our gyms South of Perth. With several locations available near Perth, The Body Consultants make it easy for you to kickstart your strength training at the gym today.

Gym Memberships

The Body Consultants can’t wait for you to see all the benefits that strength training at our gyms has to offer. Get started today with a gym membership at any one of our gyms in Western Australia. Ready to transform yourself? Let’s meet up and get down to business on mapping out your fitness journey. Smash your fitness goals, lose weight and tone up with us today! It’s time for you to get in touch and make a change.


What is strength training at the gym?

Train your muscles by using resistance to improve strength. Workout with weights or your own body when strength training at the gym to increase lean muscle mass and burn fat fast. At our gyms South of Perth, The Body Consultants offer personalised strength training workouts so that you can lose weight and tone up.

What is the best strength training workout?

At the best gyms in Western Australia, you’d expect to find the best strength training workouts. Our hard-hitting strength training gym workout targets all muscle groups to increase resistance over time. Most importantly, to offer the best strength training near Perth, we focus on improving your strength safely and at your own pace.

How do you build muscle from strength training?

Muscle is successfully built and maintained by consistent strength training and increasing resistance over time. Correct movement to prevent injury and healthy diet to promote muscle increase go hand in hand with the right strength training gym workout that’s tailored to your goals.

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Our Locations


An amazing 300sqm facility located just off Solomon road. This facility has all the equipment you would want to see in a world-class training facility with Atlanta’s plate loaded machines and enough free weights you will never run out.


Located on Dixon Road in Rockingham, it’s 258m2 with 10 Racks, 10 Benches & 12 Barbells. Dumbbells range from 1kg-50kgs. Included is a warm-up area for foam rolling & dynamic stretches and one bathroom/changing room. This gym has Rogue Echo Bikes for the members conditioning.


TBC Mandurah is located on Kulin Way in Mandurah, it’s 327m2 with 6 Racks, 6 Benches and 12 Barbells. Dumbbells range from 1kg-50kgs. The gym also has a warm up Area for foam rolling and dynamic stretches. There are 3 bathroom/changing rooms.


A private and boutique 250sqm facility located on Cashel street within the 4 avenues of Christchurch. This facility caters to clientele looking to build strength, increase performance and improve body composition all through the use of free weights in a private training environment.