Initial Health Consultation

The Body Consultants has an onboarding process like no other, we provide you with 1 on 1 personalised attention to find out about your current capabilities, lifestyle, and habits - we understand that to achieve your goals we need to know your starting point. At TBC, we treat our clients like people, not just numbers in our database.

Six Week Transformation

Join our 6 week transformation program and have your chance at losing at least 5kg. We guarantee results and show you progresss by undertaking 3 body composition scans throughout the program. You will have one coach throughout the whole program who will keep you on track. Included are 30 PT sessions with some of Perth's top coaches, a 2 step nutrition plan that is very simple to follow, and a supportive community who will help you tackle any questions you might have. Change your life today and enquire about the program at the link below.

Executive Package

Completely transform your life with our executive package - we kick things off with a full physical assessment and tailor a nutrition and exercise program to your goals and needs. You will be working with our top trainers 4x per week on your schedule. Also included are fresh meals delivered to your doorstep, a weekly chiro or deep tissue massage, and 2x cryotherapy sessions. Transform your energy, body, and life and enquire now.


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