Group Training

95% of the members who are apart of our tribe train in a small group with us at TBC.

The reason for that is simple.

It’s the community that is created within the group.

For our members, it’s not uncommon for them to carpool to the gym, or go for breakfast after our TBC Strong Saturday Training.

And, that’s why we love group training. It helps bring people together, empowers one another and lets them celebrate their wins as a collective.


Personal Training

We are not naive enough to think that everyone can train in a group and that’s why we offer 1-1 Personal training.

This is usually a better fit for people who have inconsistent schedules, are working around and injury or want to be taken to their limit every session.

Our 1-1 training is all about working with together to equip you with the tools that you need to achieve the goals that are important to you.

If you’ve got an important event like a wedding or a photo shoot, 1-1 Personal Training is definitely the option we recommend as it allows you optimise every aspect of your transformation.



We know how important exercise and healthy eating is in the workplace, and we also know that it’s not entirely feasible for people to come to one of our locations.

This is why we created our corporate program.

This program is based on our philosophy of Educate, Action, Results.

We come out to your office or place of work, educate you with 3 different seminars and then partake in some boot camp style training to get you moving.



Initial Health Consultation

The Body Consultants has an onboarding process like no other, we provide you with 1 on 1 personalised attention to find out about your current capabilities, lifestyle, and habits - we understand that to achieve your goals we need to know your starting point. At TBC, we treat our clients like people, not just numbers in our database.

Six Week Transformation

Our world famous six week challenge is your opportunity to drop the soft stuff, tone up, gain inner strength and change your life. We guarantee results with our easy to follow systems. You will have one coach throughout the whole program who will keep you on track. Included are up to 30 PT sessions with Perth's top coaches, an individualised nutrition plan that is very easy to follow, and a supportive community who will help you tackle any questions you might have. Change your life today by clicking the link below.

Executive Package

Completely transform your life with our executive package - we kick things off with a full physical assessment and tailor a nutrition and exercise program to your goals and needs. You will be working with our top trainers 4x per week on your schedule. Also included are fresh meals delivered to your doorstep, a weekly chiro or deep tissue massage, and 2x cryotherapy sessions. Transform your energy, body, and life and enquire now.

What Our Clients Are Saying